Influencers Reference Guide

CurvyPower aims to change the insight about shape-wear and help each curvy woman to enhance her body curves and boost her confidence. For that purpose, we have chosen to collaborate with you to create the best content that will inspire women from all shapes and sizes.

We admire your creativity and the inspiring content you share with your audience,

We would like to offer you an opportunity to be a brand ambassador for CurvyPower,

Application process:

We do not require any condition to collaborate with our brand. Women from all shades, shapes, religions, and ethnicities are welcome to be a member of CurvyPower brand ambassadors. 

Collaboration opportunities:

  • Free product samples.

  • Special promo codes.

  • Be featured in our posts.

  • Be featured in our advertisements.

Partnership Goals :

  • Review Video to be included in our advertising posts.
  • Good quality images to be used on our social media platforms. 

Product specifics           

In order to create content that will appeal to our audience and inspire more Curvy women, we need you to describe your honest experience and bring up some product features like:

  • Comfort and perfect fit

  • Wide range of sizes 

  • Anti-slip silicone strip and bones to prevent rolling down 

  • Comfortably for everyday wear

  • No VPL

For the product review video :

  • Include the unboxing of the product

  • Try the shape-wear with different outfits ( Dress, skirts, Jeans, work clothes...)

  • Show the difference after and before wearing the shape-wear, from different corners (Front/side/back)

Benefits of CurvyPower shape-wear:

    • Breathable fabric For all Day Comfort

    • Giving a smooth curvy shape

    • Very light, feeling like not wearing a shape-wear

    • Seamless under clothing

Tips for a good quality video:

Your smile and good vibes are so appreciated during the video, and it reflects your feeling of comfort in wearing the shape-wear, plus having a better posture, looking confident and sexy.

We believe the following few simple tips, will help you create great quality content, flowing to reaching more views and impressions.

  • The sound quality
  • Lighting
  • Good framing
  • Avoid uninteresting or distracting background

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